Advance Gum Treatment

Advanced Gum Treatment Modalities

Your doctor has chosen a combination of therapeutic options to assist your “deep-under-the-gum” cleaning. These are:

Doxyclycline 100mg- This antibiotic by prescription is taken orally. Take two tablets as a loading dose the day you start therapy (deep cleaning), and then take one tablet every day for the following 10 days. Do not skip days. No refills are indicated after this first use. Doxyclycline is used as an adjunct to treatment in moderate to severe cases. It will kill most of the organisms responsible for adult periodontitis. If stomach sensitivity develops, take your daily tablet with meals or with a teaspoon of Peptobismol. Over-the-counter medications for acid reflux, such as Prilosec or Zantac may also be used.

Arestin (minocycline hydrochloride, 1 mg.)- Arestin is a “slow release” antibiotic that kills bacteria and shrinks periodontal pockets for up to 3 months. Rather than taking oral medication for several days, Arestin functions like a “patch” of medication, applied by your hygienist directly under the gums. Multiple sites must be treated individually, and it must be re-apply every three months for continued therapeutic treatment, as needed. Arestin is very safe; however, because it is a tetracycline derivative, it is not used in pregnant women (because it may stain the developing teeth of her unborn child).

Gingivectomy (cutting excess gum tissue)- There are times when excess gum tissue needs to be removed to expose more of the tooth’s crown or root. This is a simple procedure, usually performed by a periodontist (a gums specialist) to improve cosmetics and to lessen pocket depths. Gingivectomy can also be accomplished with a dental laser.

Laser-Assisted Bacterial Reduction – Dental lasers are used directly into the periodontal pocket to instantly kill bacteria and smooth root surfaces. We get less bleeding, attachment gain and pocket reduction, all clear signs of periodontal health improvement.

PerioProtect (Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy)- PerioProtect is a way to daily treat your mouth with a peroxide gel to kill bad oral bacteria and improve your gums health. The system consists of custom-fabricated trays to hold and deliver the peroxide gel directly onto the periodontal pocket where bacteria live. Used daily will fight periodontal disease, will stop bad breath, and will whiten your teeth.

Electrical Toothbrushes — No matter how good you think you are at brushing your teeth, an electrical toothbrush will do a better job! We endorse the Oral B and the Sonic Fusion toothbrushes as the best in the business. Average cost $150.

WaterPik — WaterPik is a well-known brand of oral irrigators. You can buy a WaterPik from your pharmacy or from the internet for under $100. The simplest WaterPik pulsates water from the device to your periodontal pockets. Some WaterPiks are “hand-held” and resemble toothbrushes with an internal reservoir for placing water or mouthwash. Others WaterPiks are counter-top irrigators. But whichever you choose, daily “waterpiking” your mouth and periodontal pockets will remove food debris, fight gum disease and bad breath, and will keep your mouth feeling fresh all day!