Who We Are

We are your best family dental practice

Beauchamp Dental

is a full-service, state-of-the-art dental office that was founded in 1997 in the heart of Doral.

Since then, thousands of patients have received superlative dental care. From cleanings to fillings and crowns, to root canals, wisdom teeth removal, implants, orthodontics, cosmetic smile designs and much, much more. Everything dental under one roof!!!

Dr. Gerardo Beauchamp is the founder and the mastermind behind Beauchamp Dental. Superbly trained in all aspects of dentistry, he developed a dental practice based on sound patient education and extraordinary results.

Today, Beauchamp Dental counts with a powerhouse of 20 dental professionals in total who work tirelessly to maintain your oral health. This phenomenal Dream Team consists of 2 General Dentists, an Oral Surgeon, a Periodontist (gums specialist), an Emergency Specialists (for root canals and pain management), 3 exceptional Dental Hygienists, 4 marvelous Dental Assistants, 6 Administrators (receptionists, treatment and financial coordinators) and 2 in-house Lab Technicians. From children to seniors, you can be sure that at Beauchamp Dental you will be under the care of the very best. Indeed, you are in Good Hands at Beauchamp Dental.

This is how
We treat you…

In the interest of good patient communication we have devoted this page to inform you exactly how we treat our patients. As dentistry is both a science and an art, your treatment plan often includes procedures which are necessary as well as some which are elective. Necessary procedures are cavities, and cleanings. Elective procedures are those which a patient chooses.

Procedures which are needed to correct disease are always diagnosed and treatment planned to be done with some urgency. We call these “Phase 1 Procedures” or “Disease Elimination

Procedures.” These include cavities, deep cleaning, root canals and extractions. It is important to understand that these are done first because they tend to get worse and cause more problems in the future if left untreated.


 A Periodontal Consultation will be requested when your gums condition warrants special attention. Dr. Beauchamp will discuss with you the surgical treatment of periodontal disease. This consultation is typically done during Phase 1, especially after a Deep Cleaning procedure. If your condition did not respond as expected during the non-surgical phase, it is important to clarify our treatment goals with you, identify the factors which contribute to the lack of improvement and plot the direction of your future gums therapy. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of early tooth loss in adults; and controlling it is at the heart of your oral health. Oftentimes, Phase 2 treatment will depend on the success of Phase 1, particularly as we correct your gums issues.



These include periodontal surgical therapies, crowns and bridges, implants, bite corrections, braces, partial dentures and others. These procedures are used to restore gums health and/or missing teeth (or missing tooth structure), and in that regard are considered to “reconstruct” the mouth to where it used to be when it had all its working parts.


These are the preventive procedures that keep your oral health intact! It is important to adhere to the maintenance schedule set for you by your doctor. Most patients are seen every 3 or 4 months. The 6-month recall schedule is grossly inadequate for most adult patients. In order to control periodontal disease, our aim is to clean your mouth before it gets dirty


include bleaching or teeth whitening, porcelain or Zirconia crowns to correct discolored or crooked teeth, and Veneers for closing gaps between front teeth. With cosmetic procedures you can have the “smile makeover” you have always dreamed!